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The opening was great!

A long time we had to wait until we cound open. At the 16th of may the time had come. The first groups of guests played our live escape game. Due to the long testing phase we could assess fairly how the feedback from the relevant playgroups would be. But in fact, it was stunning. We could see from the faces enthusiasm and huge emotion; the flow” effect which we know from psychology is palpable. This make us very happy. However, we have the focus of now and look forward to welcome new guests the next weekends.

We will see us.

Your team of ExitGames Würzburg

We will start of the 16th of May …

We are glad to come to business finally! Würzburg has a new real-life adventure the people will talk about! Be the first to try this new activity with your friends / family / team or colleagues. We promise this is one of the most fantastic adventures you can do together. A totally new kind of game and also the first located in Unterfranken. Prices start at 15 Euro (90 Euro for one game 2 – 6 Players).

Just imagine
You wake up in a mysterious – to you unknown – room. Countdown starts. You have got 60 minutes and time is definitely running against you. After a short time of orientation you will spot some hints and other details that might help. There a riddles to answer, mysteries to unravel, locks to crack and doors to open. Will you and your friends be able to make it?!?!

ExitGames Würzburg offers you this adventure in an old cellar in the center of the city. Go to “book a room” and let us know your preferred date and send us a booking request.

The game is suitable for two up to six people. Persons under 16 are not allowed to take part. At the agreed tim e referee will pick you up at the front door. He will inform you about a few details and you can ask him questions. Now your game starts. Time is set – 60 minutes. Your referee can always see and hear you. You can ask for help at any time and the referee can also shut down the game if your wish. If not, the games ends of course by solving all the missions. Or you don´t and your time is up. Depending on that you might go home as a winner or a loser. The very best players may sign in our “Hall of Fame”.

But now it is time for your booking…