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From idea to realization ...

Game concept

The idea of finding out of a room through solving riddles and finding hints is not really new. It is especially common in computer games. The official name and principle of these games is known as “Live Escape Games”. You can find this definition on Wikipedia.

But now the game takes place in the real world – close and touchable.

We are one of the first, who offer this game in Unterfranken. The idea is the same as in the computer games. It is about finding the answers to get out of the room. The way we transformed this is unique. We spent a long time in inventing riddles and challenge. Also our rooms are decorated with a lot of attention to details.

Pure friction is waiting for you. The process can be described as follows: You and your team enter an unknown room. The door closes. Time is running. Before your 60 minutes are over, you should be able to free yourself. This must be done by combining hints and realizing signals. Step by step you come closer to the solution. Hopefully before your time is up …

What we tell you about our rooms:
Our rooms are built in genres. Right now our SecretService-room and 60-ties-room is avaiable.

Finally you can only talk about it if you tried it on your own  …